Predavanje: Introduction to EMBR resources on Ovid – srijeda 9.5.2018. – Multimedijska dvorana KBCSM-a

U cilju bolje informiranosti za pristupanje i rad s bazama podataka pružatelja biomedicinskih informacija, Središnja knjižnica s Institutom za klinička medicinska istraživanja i nastavu KBC-a organizira radionicu na temu:

Introduction to EMBR resources on Ovid

• Predavanje će se održati u srijedu 09. svibnja 2018., od 14.00 do 15.30 sati
• Multimedijska dvorana KBC-a.
• Predavač: Michael Fanning, Training Manager Health Learning, Research Et Practice, Wolters Kluwer.
• Uvodna riječ: voditeljica Središnje knjižnice Gordana Ramljak, prof., viši knjižničar, predstaviti će ciljeve predavanja.
• Radionica se održava na engleskom jeziku.
• Bodovanje predavanja je zatraženo od Hrvatske liječničke komore.
• Kotizacija se ne naplaćuje.

Opis radionice:

Ovid offers a single online destination for seamlessly accessing and working with databases from the world’s leading biomedical information providers. The Ovid platform hosts Ovid MEDLINE as well EBMR, Ovid’s collection of databases devoted to evidence-based medical practice. This training course will review the type of documents retrievable from these databases; from bibliographic references to journal articles all the way to full-text systematic reviews. The course will also cover the various ways documents can be search for. These include the Find Citation Search, Multi-Field Search, Advanced Search and Basic Search, Ovid’s natural language search option. The training session will also cover document view and export options and conclude with a review of My Workspace. This is a user-specific, personalised space within Ovid that enables users to store the results of their searches along with their own documents in a variety of formats, such as WORD, PowerPoint or PDF files. My Workspace also enables users to save their individual search histories. These in turn can also be set up as Auto-Alerts which will run automatically at a time interval set by the user and where the results are then sent to a location of the user’s choice, be it at e-mail address or a My Projects folder in My Workspace.